WWE – Extreme Rules Results, Recap, and Reaction

In the Ring with the Heckler – WWE Extreme Rules PPV recap and reaction

David Kim a.k.a. The Heckler, Contributor
David Kim a.k.a. The Heckler, Contributor

I have been looking forward to Extreme Rules since Wrestlemania ended. This is usually the  last solid PPV before the WWE Creative decides to bag it in until next Wrestlemania season.

So Daniel Bryant isn’t going to be wrestling tonight (due to not being cleared medically)  against Bad News Barrett. But don’t worry WWE Universe he’ll be wrestling the high flying  Neville. This should be interesting to say the least. The WWE has taken a Non Ascension  approach with him, and the WWE Universe is thrilled with that move (especially my brother,  he’s probably the happiest). If Neville wins we may see him get a slingshot move up in the US/Intercontinental Title pecking order.

Extreme Rules Kickoff Show

Bad News Barrett v. Neville

I still don’t know how I feel about the cape, but at least the fans seem to love him. Nice “NXT” chants by the crowd.

“He brought a whole bag of bullhammers tonight with him to Chicago” – JBL

Neville pulling off CLASSIC NXT moves inside of the ring. OUCH, caught by Bad New Barrett! Bad News Barrett bringing the punishment now…What the….dirty. Commercials for the WWE Network during the Kickoff Show. Lol. I like how the WWE is showing the Big Show v. Floyd Mayweather, during the Mayweather v. Pacquiao Fight Week coming up starting on Monday.

Bad News Barrett looking very brutish against Neville. He pulls off the “Mean Heel” roll very well. He is probably doing WIlliam Regal proud right now with his Bullying character.


Even though Neville is getting pummelled he is doing it convincingly and effectively. His promotion from NXT is going very well, if I do say so myself. Flurry of kicks and strikes from Neville.

HOLY CRAP! Amazing Leap from inside of the ring by Neville. Nice German suplex for the pin attempt from Neville. The guys on the mic are doing a great job of selling Neville in this match. WINDS OF CHANGE! Thought Barrett had that one without the BULLHAMMER that time. Neville gets out of WASTELAND. Oooooooo…..got caught by Barrett with WASTELAND! 1…2…Oooooo he kicked out! My Brother Dan was definitely surprised. BULLHAMMER MISSED!

No way are they going to let him get this?!? RED ARROW…….???? Nope. BULLHAMMER misses AGAIN?!?

No way….RED ARROW! 1..2..3! Neville WINS! Wow

“Poor Bad News Barrett” – My Brother

WWE should be thrilled by the outcome. The Crowd LOVED it and counted along…HUGE POP!

WINNER: Neville. Pinfall after the RED ARROW

Interview with Kane

Is Kane going to walk out like Robert Downey Jr? Hahaha…..I called that one. I loved how they used the real tweets


(VIDEO MONTAGE of Cena v. Rusev)

John Cena is winning people over with each win during his “Open Invitation Challenge”. Rusev should be the perfect foil for John Cena BUT…he is the only person that can booed fighting a Russian on American soil.

Corey Graves is such a great talent on the mic, it’s too bad that he suffered so many concussions while in NXT. Freaking 4 corners match. WCW had a BUNCH of Classics during the 80’s and the 90’s; Rusev and Cena have a very high bar to reach tonight. But as my brother said, “They haven’t done matches like this in a long time, that’s why John Cena excels in these types of matches.” So hope that holds true


Extreme Rules PPV

April 26, 2015 (Allstate Arena – Chicago, Ill.)

Even when the WWE is running bad (they’re running great right now) they do the Opening Montage of their PPVs extremely well.

Chicago Street Fight – Dean Ambrose v. Luke Harper

Well this is the match that kicks off the PPV. At least they are going to go at it in a style of match that is going to compliment both of them. Here come the steel chairs…and a kendo stick. This is going to be fun. Luke Harper being tattooed by Dean Ambrose with that kendo stick. Ambrose is sitting on one of chairs…..suplex…Ooooooh no reverse. Ambrose hit that chair perfectly.

Now Luke Harper using that kendo stick.

“It’s the curse of the Goat, that’s why Daniel Bryan isn’t here.” – JBL

“Made in Japan” – Sign in the Crowd

“For those of you just joining us the one with the dirty shirt and jeans is Dean Ambrose” – JBL

“Harper hasn’t changed his shirt in 2 years.” – Michael Cole

Nice TORNADO DDT by Ambrose. Harper and Ambrose are putting on a great match to open up this PPV. More kendo stick action on the outside now. They are going to the back of the arena now. In the locker room area now. People looking at the Jumbotron like “I paid money for this?” Lol. Aaaaaaaand Luke Harper jumped into a SUV and drove away, after Ambrose jumped into the window.

“There is no countout folks….keep that in mind!” – Michael Cole

WINNER: Undecided…..still going on

“Way to go WWE, now they are chanting ‘CM Punk’ because people that paid don’t like it when the wrestlers leave.” – My Brother

I would love it if Kane turned face tonight. Kane and Undertaker as a Tag Team would be awesome. Sorry, I’m just daydreaming about the possibilities for next year’s Wrestlemania.


Kiss Me Arse Match – Dolph Ziggler v. Seamus

Hmmm…. two great workers with potential to be IC/US Champions in a gimmick match. I am not thrilled as this match starts.

“I love heel Seamus better than face Seamus” – My Brother

I always forget Dolph Ziggler was once a World Champion. I will always contend that Ziggler could have a career like Shawn Michaels, if the WWE would ever allow it to happen. So probably no. They definitely lost the crowd during that first match. They were hot, and ready to go after that Bad News Barrett/Neville match and the WWE dropped the ball during that first match. No one cares anymore, the energy is gone. Hope Seamus and Dolph can save this PPV not get off the rails. This ending, whatever it may be, needs to be a “crowd pleaser”.

“He did that SITDOWN POWERBOMB better than Batista EVER did” – My Brother (while chuckling heartily)

The crowd is starting to get behind this match with every Ziggler flurish. WHOA it’s a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF variation. SUPERKICK, after a ROLLUP counter. 1….2…kickout.

“It’s almost over. They’re about to head to the ending. They got the crowd back though. They got the crowd back.” – My Brother

Looks like Seamus is going to win, which means he’s probably going to lose. Lol. Almost called it. Dolph wins with a ROLLUP!

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler. Rollup pin.

So now what? They definitely have the crowd back invested again. Seamus outside of the ring saying it wasn’t three. Ha, the ref stopped him from running away into the crowd. Seamus is being “forced to pay up”.

“Pucker up! Pucker up! Pucker up!” – The Crowd

The ladies loving the Ziggler arse shots. They definitely have the crowd back now, especially with the comedic antics of the after-match proceedings. Ha.

“So when does the BROKICK come, before or after?” – My Brother

Low blow….and the BROKICK! Long segment but they did get the crowd back by the end of that match and that’s all that really matters.

“How much do you wanna bet that the Diva match is next? They’re just going to lose them right away again. Heh.” – My Brother

It’s dirty how the WWE Network has “commercials” during their PPVs. Not really though because they are just advertising themselves, but kind of.

“If the Diva match is next, I am going to make some fries.” – My Brother

Gotta love that Mt. Dew product placement.

Tag Team Championship Match – The New Day v. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (c)

Well, guess my brother isn’t making fries. I’m sad about no fries, but it is what it is.

“New Day Rules (Reverse Psychology)” – Sign in the Crowd

I like how Kidd and Cesaro don’t have a “team name”. This crowd is not having anything to do with The New Day. Kidd and Cesaro are definitely over though. I wanna say that the Lucha Dragons come in and cause The New Day to lose setting up that feud. Can’t see Kidd and Cesaro losing this match. Then again, this is the WWE and stranger things have happened. Nice interaction between Tyson and Kofi, both athletic high flyers showing the goods. The opening back and forth is definitely setting the tone for the rest of the match. I’m glad that all of these wrestlers are being used in a capacity that is relevant. Cesaro, Langston, Kidd, and Kingston are all hard workers that deserves the spotlight that they are finally getting. Biggie tagged in aaaaand……Cesaro gets tagged in. Whoa…..Cesaro caught Biggie in MIDAIR! Cesaro is so freaking strong, it is amazing. This has the potential to be one of those matches that secures the crowd intensity no matter what happens afterwards.

“Why?!? What did we do? We’re winning!” – Xavier Woods talking to the Crowd

This match has that “almost to the end of the match” feel. Cesaro and Kofi with the hot tags and WHOA…Cesaro picks up Kofi and just tosses him into the corner turnbuckle, the power of Cesaro is crazy right now. Kofi is getting POUNDED into the mat, and the corner. He comes the SWI…no….Oh My God what a reversal by Kofi and back into the air…..Cesaro CATCHES Kofi in midair and turns that into a backbreaker. Tag to Kidd……wow Cesaro pulled in Kofi from the outside with a suplex, almost finished off by Kidd. Kofi looking for a tag, there it is. Kidd doesn’t see it. WHOA….spear through the ropes by Biggie, and they are both on the outside. Great match so far.

The New Day may do this…they hit their FINISHER….and Cesaro saves the day….barely. TROUBLE IN PARA…..caught into the SHARPSHOOTER, almost to the ropes…nope…Broken up by Biggie. EUROPEAN UPPERCUT for Biggie. SWING time for Kofi stopped by a drop kick. A maylay at the end. Lots of almost finishers and non finishers. Natalya slaps Woods on the outside. Kidd kicks Woods in the head. Kidd on the ring apron. Cesaro cleaning house. Biggie spears Kidd off the apron. Cesaro clotheslines Biggie out of the Ring, and he is distracted. Kofi with the rollup (and a handful of tights). 1…2…3! The New Day steals one!

WINNER: The New Day. Pinfall after a Rollup

(Recap of the Kickoff Show match between Neville v. Bad News Barrett)

Neville has a very promising career on the WWE main roster. The RED ARROW will be a hit in any city that they travel to.

Renee Young interviews The New Day after their Tag Team Championship victory.

Hey there’s Luke Harper and the SUV. Guess this match is back on. Isn’t it ironic that it was in between matches. Lucky them! Harper and Ambrose back in the arena to a huge pop of the crowd.

Chicago Street Fight – Dean Ambrose v. Luke Harper……..continued

Both wrestlers looking for more artillery. And Chairs. Lots of chairs back into the ring…..lots, and lots, of chairs. It’s like that one time in ECW but the wrestlers are throwing them in, and not the crowd. OOOOOOH….SITDOWN POWERBOMB on a chair. Ambrose kicks out. Impressive.


“We want tables! We want tables! We want tables!” – The Crowd

Harper is stacking chairs on Ambrose. Now he’s climbing the ropes looking for the FLYING ZOMBIE. Ambrose gets up from his burial of steel chairs, and body slams Harper on those same chairs. DIRTY DEEDS on the steel chairs, and the pinfall for Ambrose.

WWE you got lazy with the second half of that one (PG era of not, you got lazy). It could have been a Classic, but at least you didn’t WCW it and try to, “follow the action”.

WINNER: Dean Ambrose. Pinfall after DIRTY DEEDS on steel chairs


Advertisement for the Payback PPV on May 17th. WWE always thinking ahead to their next PPV.


(Rusev v. Cena MONTAGE)

United States Title Match (Russian Chain Match) – Rusev v. John Cena (c)

This has the chance to be a Classic match, for the WWE. My brother told me, “not to hold the 80’s and 90’s matches as a standard for this match.” I agree. Different era, different times, different target audience. So with that I am guessing there will be blood, but not as much blood as their should be in a match where two individuals are “tied together with a chain”. I am also guessing that John Cena is eventually going to win after Rusev almost wins a couple of times. Chicago is pretty amazing though, as a wrestling fan base. Let’s see how they receive Cena. John Cena is probably the only man who would ever get booed, while facing a Russian on American soil. Crowd reaction mixed for Cena, per usual. More cheering tonight though. Very surprising. Maybe all those “John Cena US Open Challenge” matches are finally winning over the Cena haters?

“John Cena SUCKS!” – Sign in the Crowd

Maybe not. Lol.

Hopefully this match doesn’t start off too slow. Playing Tug ‘o’ War to start this match. Rusev with the early advantage. Hey…they have lights to signify when you touch a corner. That’s pretty smart by the WWE. Lots of different ways that that can come into play. Cena thrown on the outside, and now he’s just hanging there getting punished by Rusev. Typical “Let’s go Cena”/”Cena Sucks” chants going on throughout Allstate Arena. Slow match so far, both wrestlers trying to find that groove that they can run with. The crowd sounds restless, but excited.

Ooooooooh….Rusev eating ring post….and again. Cena hits 2 corners. Cena is the green light, Rusev is the red light. Rusev back in control now and hits Cena with the chain.

Crowds getting into restlessness mode, this match is going to need to pick it up a notch. Rusev back in control. Rusev now hitting the turnbuckles. 1…2…3…Cena out of the ring and trying to pull Rusev towards him. Cena wins that battle this time and regains control. Starting over once again.

Rusev up top…..pulled off by Cena and lands on the chain. CLOTHESLINE by Cena (with the chain). Surprised no one is bleeding yet. I just got my question answered by my brother “It’s the PG era now, they have investors now. No more bleeding.” Well then, okay. Lana is getting sent back to the locker room by Rusev because she was addressing the crowd from the apron with a wave. Weird. Face turn for Lana? Cena is out and Rusev in control. Nope, just playing possum. STF.

“Now I think Cena is going to win because Lana got sent to the back” – My Brother

Rusev “out”. Cena touching corners now. 1….2….3…..Nope. Rusev back up and tears into Cena. SUPERKICK. ACCOLADE. I wonder what’s going to happen? Does WWE let Cena break out of the move again? Yep. Cena breaks out and 1 corner. 2 corners. Rusev touched them though with his back. 3 corners. Nope. AA by Cena. Momentum stopped. Back to square one again for both men.

This looks interesting, they both have 3 corners almost simultaneously. Cena and Rusev in a Tug ‘o’ War again. They both realize that they only have one corner left, and that it is the same corner for both of them. Staredown. Rusev goes for it…no. Stopped by Cena, AA again. Rusev down. Cena gets the 4th corner, and the win.

WINNER: John Cena. Touched all 4 corners

Not really a lot the WWE could have done there to make this match any better than it was. Good match nonetheless. Cena should be done with Rusev (maybe one more RAW but after that it should be over with). Maybe a feud with Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, or Brey Wyatt?

WWE Diva’s Championship – Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella) (c) v. Naomi

Okay. Let’s see how this match goes. I am going to guess  that Paige is going to interfere in this match somehow even though she is “out of action”.

I hope this match is good enough to go like 8 to 15 minutes. Hopefully this isn’t a “bathroom break/food break match”.

Pretty technical match so far for Nikki and Naomi. Naomi putting the boots to Nikki (literally). Suplex by Naomi. Brie trying to get the crowd “into it”. Crowd sort of getting “into it”. Not a bad match. Very textbook match so far. Almost to the 4 minute mark now on the match with no end in sight. Maybe they are going to get that 10 minute match that they need to have to develop some sort of story. Good back and forth by Nikki and Naomi. Niiiiiiice RUNNING BULLDOG into the corner by Naomi. Naomi misses with REARVIEW. Naomi has Nikki on the ground with Brie yelling from the outside. Naomi kicks Brie down on the outside. Throws Nikki back into the ring. Reversal by Nikki. On the offense. Crowd surprisingly behind her. RUNNING CLOTHESLINE into a ALABAMA SLAMMER for the 2 count. INVERTED DDT for a 2 count. MOONSAULT misses. KNEE TO THE FACE for the 2 count. Wow, this is nice back and forth action. RACK ATTACK but Naomi fights out of it. Into a FULLNELSON SITDOWN SLAM for the 2 count. Kick to the head for a 2 count. Approaching the 10 minute mark. Brie with a kick to the face from the outside. RACK ATTACK for the win.

WINNER: Nikki Bella. RACK ATTACK for the pin.

Rusev yelling at Lana in the backstage area. Lana goes into the office of the Authority. Crowd “Ooohs” and “Ahhhs.” Makes you think that Rusev is going to offer up his services in exchange for another shot at John Cena and his United States Championship.

(Roman Reigns MONTAGE about Wrestlemania)

So. This Roman Reigns/Big Show match is going to elevate Roman Reigns to another level in the eyes of the fans. I like how WWE is trying hard to make the WWE Universe like Reigns. Respect is earned and Roman is definitely earning it through his work in the Ring

“So do you think that they disappear from the ring and return in the middle of the Main Event?” – My Brother (while fanatically laughing)

“Roman the Virgil” – Sign in the Crowd

Last Man Standing Match – Big Show v. Roman Reigns

So like I thought they are pretty much brawling in the middle of the ring. The Chicago crowd really hates The Big Show

“I’m a GIANT!” – Big Show yelling at the Crowd Big-Show-Chokeslam-alert

We have tables folks! Hahahaha…Big Show is putting the table back under the ring. As he yells at the crowd, “No Tables”. Roman Reigns with a leg drop to the head on the outside. Reigns brings the table back out. Big Show back up and just throws Reigns against the sidewall. He Hammerfists the table into 2. Yells, “No Table” again. Lol. I think I love this match. Big Show takes a couple of kendo stick shots. Back in control for the Big SHow. Breaks the kendo stick in half. Yells, “I am a GIANT” at the crowd.

“So this is what kind of match it’s going to be. The Big Show is having fun with this one and help get Roman Reigns get over with the crowd. Nice.” – My Brother

Roman Reigns grabs a chair and just starts pummeling the Big Show with it down to the ground. REVERSE CHINLOCK into a DDT on a chair for Reigns. The Big Show down. The ref counting. Gets to 7 before Big SHow back on his feet. Reigns grabs a table, and ANOTHER TABLE. Gets into the ring and KNOCKOUT PUNCH by Show. Reigns stumbles back to his feet by 8 as Big Show yells, “I’m a GIANT!” to the crowd.

Show setting up the table now, looking for a CHOKESLAM. Reigns breaks free and bounces Big Show’s head off the table…SAMOANDROP. Both guys down. Up by the 8 count.

Table set up in the corner. Show almost runs through it then, SPEAR through Reigns. Back to his feet by the 8 count. Big SHow connects with the BIG SPLASH in the corner. Reigns looks hurt. Ref at 5. 7. Reigns up by 9.  BIG SHOW GOING TO THE TOP ROPE!!!!!!!  Thank God. Regins knocks him down. Reigns bringing out another table. Remember the one in the corner is still there. A second table comes out on the outside. They are lined up next to each other. Show is still, on the top rope turnbuckle. Reigns goes up for a SUPLEX….thrown off by Show. Show GOING UP TOP…….SLAM by Reigns into the ring. Both men down. Ref to 7. Up by 8. SUPERMAN PUNCH. ANOTHER SUPERMAN PUNCH. Reigns runs up for a 3rd SUPERMAN PUNCH caught by Big Show! OOOOOOOHHHH MYYYYYY GOD! CHOKESLAM through both of the outside tables! The Crowd (and the two of us watching it on the couch) went NUTS. AWESOME! Reigns is definitely winning the crowd right now. Up by the 9 count too,

Big Show setting up the Steel Steps next to the Announcers Table. Something big is about to happen. Reigns back in the ring in front of the table in the corner. Big Show in the distance. OOOOOOOOOHHH……Big Show drives himself through the corner table. Both men back down. Both of them up by the 8 count. SPEAR by Reigns. Both men back down. Both men up by 8. This is a great pre Main Event match. Oh Shit. SPEAR though the barricade on the outside. Both men down on the outside. Both guys up at 9. Reigns using the steps. Show looking for the CHOKESLAM through the table. Reigns fights free. Reigns up the steps and SPEAR through the announcing table. Both guys up again. Roman FLIPS THE TABLE ON TOP OF SHOW! He stands on top of it as the Ref counts to 10. Crowd POPS BIG!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Roman Reigns has arrived tonight!” – Michael Cole

WINNER: Roman Reigns. Big Show doesn’t get up for the 10 count

“So the Big Show CAANN get anybody over with the crowd.” – My Brother


“WWE. For the hero is all of us.” – WWE Network commercial

The Marine 4: Moving Target starring the Miz…..direct to DVD. Ah the Miz, living the dream.

Randy Orton stops Kane in the hallway and has a chat. Classic Randy Orton promo.

“I know who you are Kane, even if you have forgotten.” – Randy Orton

Hmmmm…..Tough Enough is coming back. Looks interesting.

Hey it’s Bo Dallas.


“Who’s going to beat him up? Sigh.” – My Brother

Man that IS a dirty moustache. He starts insulting the crowd immediately. Bo Dallas is doing awesome right now. The crowd is eating it up. So much heat right now. Wonder who is going to come out. Bo Dallas in rare form. “All you have to do is Booooo……..”

Ooooops, here comes Ryback to kill Bo Dallas. This isn’t a match is it? (My Brother, “Nope”)

Bo Dallas attacks immediately. Yells at the crowd and turns around to a SPINEBUSTER. Ryback beats the crap out of Bo, and then the PPV heads into commercial.

Rusev interview. Lana comes on-screen. At Payback Rusev will get another shot at John Cena in a “I Quit” match.

There is the cage dropping down around the stage right into the Randy Orton v. Seth Rollins MONTAGE. Such a great MONTAGE. Recaps everything leading up to this Main Event. If you missed anything leading up to this, this does a great job of getting you back up to speed.

Kane being introduced as the GATEKEEPER for this match.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Steelcage Match) – Randy Orton v. Seth Rollins (c)

This should be one heck of a match. Rollins is a great worker and Randy is a pro’s pro so this should be a nice one. Wonder how Kane is going to affect the outcome of this match?

Doors locked. Let’s get it on. Randy Orton gets a great pop from the crowd every time out. Seth is becoming this generations Edge when it comes to crowd heat.

Rollins trying to escape the cage early. Randy pulls Rollins off the cage and into the ring. Rollins to the corner, a Ric Flair flip. Randy stalking Rollins. The crowd is split on Rollins as they chant jeers and cheers for the Champion. They are in the corner, Orton with control. Rollins explodes out of the corner and POWERBOMB on the turnbuckle. Rollins calls for the cage to be opened. Kane obliges. Orton brings Rollins back into the fight. Door is once again closed. Really early in this match. Lot more wrestling to be seen before the ending of this one. The match though is setting up to be a good one. Rollins beats up on Orton and then tries to climb out of the cage. Orton gets up and brings Rollins back. Great move by Rollins to almost get the 3 count in the middle of the ring.

“Over Rated” – The Crowd towards Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins now just messing with a beat up Randy Orton. Turns around and talks to Kane for a bit, almost in a taunting manner. He turns back to Orton and runs at him….and face full of cage for Seth. Now back and forth in the middle of the ring. Fist for fist. Randy with multiple CLOTHESLINES. Seth trying to escape. Seth at the top but Randy brings him back. HEADBUTT. Rollins with KNEE TO THE HEAD, Orton kicks out at 2. Seth Rollins looking to CLIMB OUT, he is at the top of the cage. Sitting. RIGHT HANDS by Orton. Both men sitting on top o the cage. EXCHANGING FISTS on top. Randy Orton POWERSLAMS Rollins off the springboard.  Orton with a patented DDT off the ropes attempt. Rollins reverses. SUPERKICK by Rollins. 2 Count!

Rollins in the corner trying to escape the cage. The Crowd giving Rollins the “Cena treatment”. Rollins tries to jump down. Orton has him by the hair. He has him back up top. SUPERPLEX from the TOP OF THE CAGE. 2 Count. J and J Securtiy trying to scale the cage ,and climb in. Orton throws Rollins into both of them. T-BONE SUPLEX for Orton. Rollins counters, throwing Orton into the cage. Rollins trying to escape. Falls on his balls. OUCH. Orton looking to get out of the cage. Will Kane open up the door for him? Randy doesen’t even try. TOP ROPE DDT for Orton. Now he walks towrds the door. Playing to the Crowd. PEDIGREE ON ROLLINS. 2 Count….OOOOOOOHHHHH….that was cloooooose. That was awesome

“YES! YES! YES!” – The Crowd

Orton eyeballing Kane. Kane looking stoic. Rollins in front of the door, looking to get PUNTED. Missed. DROPKICK by Rollins. Both men down. Rollings calling for the door. Kane goes up and opens it. Orton catches Rollins into a BACKBREAKER. Door is still open. Orton walks towards it. Kane closes the door and won’t let Orton out. Rollins DROPKICKS the door into Kane. Kane is out and now both are fighting to get out. Kane get up and SLAMS the door in the face of BOTH MEN Kane has lost it. Into the cage. J and J trying to stop him. Kane CHOKESLAMS both of them. Kane feigning a CHOKESLAM on Rollins. Picks up Orton instead and CHOKESLAM. Rollins running for the door. Kane grabs him. CHOKESLAMS Rollins TOOOOOO!

I called that shit before the Main Event started.

Kane covers Orton, with Seth. 2 count kick out. Kane looking to TOMBSTONE Orton. RKO on Kane! RKO by Rollins on Randy Orton. Hmmm…. Guess the RKO was only banned for Randy Orton? Nice inconspicuous ending. The announcing crew doing a great job of arguing that very point. Looks like a rematch on the Payback PPV.

WINNER: Seth Rollins. Exited the Cage first

Looking forward to this upcoming Monday Night Raw. Great match by Rollins and Orton. The Main Event definitely rewarded the fans for their patience.


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