WWE Battleground PPV reactions

David Kim a.k.a. The Heckler, Contributor
David Kim a.k.a. The Heckler, Contributor

What is going on folks! Nice to be back with another WWE PPV reaction piece. This  time the PPV is going to be Battleground! I am looking forward to a couple of  matchups tonight…the first being Kevin Owens vs. John Cena for the United States  Championship…the other one is the WWE Title match between Seth Rollins and Brock  Lesner. In both matchups I hope that the Challenger prevails and walks away with the  Title in hand, but something tells me that only one of them will indeed satisfy the  WWE Universe (if even that).For my money, hopefully it’s Kevin Owens.

Anyhow, here we go!

I will always say this but, the WWE does opening montages so well. I wonder how  Roman Reigns vs. Bray wyatt is going to work. Probably a burial for Wyatt, but I hope I am wrong. Brock is such a BEAST, I love how Paul Heyman is his voice. Brock’s gotta win right?

WWE Battleground

Scott Trade Center

St. Louis, Mo.

July 19, 2015

1st Match: “Mr. Monday in the Bank” Sheamus vs. “The Viper” Randy Orton

Hmm… I am not going to lie, I haven’t been watching a lot of WWE lately, but this smells to me like they have nothing for either one of these Superstars so they just paired them up for an opening match, hoping they hit a diamond in the rough.  I hope Randy destroys Sheamus…lol

Pretty slow start to the match.

“You look stupid!” – The Crowd

Good build of Sheamus’ “Money in the Bank” status by the announcing crew. Reallly slow match so far. Hopefully they have somthing planned for later in the match. The crowd is only into this match because of the anticipation and for the fact that this is the first match of the night. Lots of EUROPEAN UPPERCUTS by Randy. This is an interesting match. Very slow in developing, lots of high impact moves, the crowd is kind of divided. IRISH CURSE! And another one. AND ANOTHER ONE! Ouch!

“RKO! RKO! RKO!” – The Crowd

Sheamus is getting a LOT of shine right now in this match, the WWE must really want to showcase the “”Celtic Warrior”! Sheamus doing well though to carry his part of the match so far. Just waiting for Randy to turn it on and make his run to the win.

I get it. This is SUPPOSED to be a slow match that builds. I can see the intensity pick up as the match progresses. Randy counters the WHITE NOISE and now they are brawling again. Randy doing damage to Sheamus on the outside now. Count up to 6 before they go back in. POWERSLAM by Orton. Almost the 3 count. ROLLING SENTON into a SCOOP SLAM for Sheamus. 2 count.

Sheamus looking for the BROUGH KICK….missed…..RKO…no…..CLOVERLEAF…..no……WHITE NOISE…..kickout at 2 by Orton.

Randy and Sheamus are setting the bar HIGH right now for the rest of Battleground. Lots of back and forth between the two Vets. Randy in control now after an ill advised move by Sheamus. SUPERPLEX by Orton. 2 count.

Sheamus in the patented Orton DDT through the ropes. “The Viper” playing to the crowd now, about to go in to “RKO mode”. Sheamus with a rollup for 2! BROUGH KICK by Sheamus! Wow! Sheamus in control now. CLOVERLEAAF by Sheamus. Orton fighting. Wow, Orton taking some punishment. He FINALLY gets to the ropes.

HOLY SHIT! RKO out of NOWHERE! What the literal f#$K?!?!

Winner: Randy Orton

Grade: A…Great match, good buildup, Solid ending

Diva Montage reintroducing the players in the division, as well as the NXT contingent. The crowd looked like they were into during RAW. Interesting on how they are doing this. Hmmm… maybe the WWE is going to treat the Diva Division with a little more respect….maybe.

Tag Team Championship Match

2nd Match: The New Day vs. Primetime Players (c)

I love the heel mantra of The New Day, they use annoying so well. “New Day Rocks!”  I think it is interesting that the WWE is giving the Primetime Players a run as Champs. Even though I watched, “Money in the Bank” I don’t remember the Tag match. Lol.

Kofi needs to be a Singles competitor again. He is just too good of an wrestler to be stuck in Tag Team action.

Titus O’Neal needs to develop his “big man demeanor” a bit more if the Primetime Player are to be actual major players in the Tag division.

“Worst BACKDROP eva!” – Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods makes such a great “heel associate”. I would say that he is one of the best at playing this role since “Sister Sherry”.  For real though. Lol  If you’re wondering why I haven’t been doing play by play…well. This isn’t the most exciting of matches. It is rather slow, other than the entertaining commentary by Xavier Woods. Hopefully they are developing a long lasting rivalry otherwise this is just a slow match

Titus O’Neal with a house full of steam! Woods with the interfenece. 2 count. Darren Young back in. Primetime Players clearing house. KOFI!!!!!!!

Biggie with the…….NO! Kofi thrown out of the ring, and Titus with the FINISHER!

Winner: Primetime Players

Grade: B-…Could have been better, okay buildup, okay ending

3rd match: Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

Sigh. Unless this is going to a INSTANT CLASSIC I am going to be disappointed. I mean this has the possibility to be one for the ages but something inside of me says that this is going to be a Roman Reigns stomp job. Bray Wyatt needed to win more matches before this matchup. Yes, he has his “Fireflies” (and what not) but he isn’t a player in the game. So I think Roman stomps Bray, after a nice little match. Nothing new will be learned from this match that the normal WWE fan doesn’t know about either one of these wrestlers.

It is a shame too, because Bray Wyatt had a chance to be one of those Heels that changed the game, but the WWE dropped the ball on this one.  Such a shame for Bray too. He could have been a contender.

Even though there is energy in the crowd, it isn’t because the match is enticing it. The crowd is just still juiced from both the ring entrances (as well as the well wrestled first two matches). Man whatever momentum that Battleground had built from the opening Orton/Sheamus (and maintained with the Tag match) is long lost at this point. Such a shame. The first 3 matches had a chance to build this card as one of the better non-major PPV for the WWE.

I really want to get behind this matchup but I really can’t. It isn’t entertaining to say the least. I have really no reason to care one way or another for either wrestler, nor their plight in this match. Another example of the WWE not being able to maintain their first match momentum in non-major PPV events.

Typical match so far. Reigns playing the beat up underdog role before he (probably) turns it on and take the match from Wyatt. Feels like a typical “big man match”. I could use one of these guys going through a table….God I miss the mid to late ‘90s WWE.

REVERSE CHINLOCK wearing someone down…what is this 1989? Come on, we’re all better than this….right?  Are they both tired?  What gives?  The end is almost near (I can feel it), it better be a flourish of activity and a bangup ending!

Reigns doing “his thing” but a reversal by Wyatt. Hmmm…. outside of the ring. Wyatt punishing Reigns on the outside. Back inside. Alot of heavy fists by Wyatt. The pace is pretty consistent at least. I guess in the ened it isn’t slow it is just consistently even paced (I guess). The high impact moves are now coming fast and furious by Reigns and Wyatt now. You can tell that the end is really nearing.

Now they are trading power moves back and forth. They are ramping up their intensity in front of this midwestern crowd (FINALLY!). SUPERMAN PUNCH! Wyatt kicks out! They are starting to win me over move by move I guess.  Wow the power moves by these two are crazy right now. Good job by the WWE for FINALLY showcasing Bray Wyatt’s power.

SAMOAN DROP. Both men down. Bray has got a chair now. Reigns with a kick. Now he has the chairs. Into the ring they go. Can’t see what they are doing with this. Wait what????

Who was that? A guy in a hoodie attacked Reigns. SISTER ABIGAIL for the win. What?

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Grade: B…slow start, great middle, nice ending

Good reveal of Luke Harper being back with Wyatt. Only way Reigns could lose like that

Hey the St. Louis Cardinals are at Battleground….yeah, I hate them as a Dodgers fan. Sasha Banks is the #BOSS

Diva’s Triple Threat Match

4th match: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Brie Bella

This has the makings of being the 3rd or 4th best match of the night. Let’s see how the WWE treats this match. There is some great chemistry in that ring right now. Charlotte and Sasha Banks showing the WWE Universe what they have in store for them in the future. I always forget that Brie is a decent wrestler in her own right. The crowd behind Sasha right now. The fast paced action right now reminds me of the NXT matches that happen in their Diva’s matches. Goes to show you what happens when the Diva match is engaging (crowd is loud and into the action, clapping on cue).

Good back and forth action in this Diva’s match. No loss of momentum, no detracting from the intensity of the actual PPV. Charlotte is shining bright in this match, as is Sasha Banks. Brie Bella looking better because of the competition she is facing. WWE doing a nice ob of showcasing the NXT talent without making Brie look too weak. I also like how this is the longest Diva’s match we have seen on a non-major PPV in a long long time.  LOL BRIE-MODE.  Now there is a 9 Diva melee on the outside of the ring as the carnage is all over the place. Guess Stephanie has gotten her “Revolution” in the Diva Division.

BANK STATEMENT…Brie saves Charlotte. Brie in control…and Figure Four by Charlotte….bridged into the FIGURE EIGHT.

Winner: CHarlotte

Grade: A…Great overall match, good back and forth, way to showcase your talent.

United States Championship

5th match: Kevin Owens vs. John Cena (c)

Great montage for the United State Championship match.  It doesn’t make any sense if Kevin Owens doesn’t win this matchup between him and John Cena. I mean I think Cena has a shot of winning but Kevin Owens winning makes more sense, especially after dropping his NXT CHampionship to Fin Balor in Japan.

This should be an outstanding match regardless though. If Owens loses there better be a damn good reason for it (and he better be in the running for the title at Summerslam). One that makes sense for the future of both the WWE, and Kevin Owens.

“Come on Cena, get out heree. We’ve seen the same act for 10 years. I want my title.” – Kevin Owens

This is the rubber match. Tied at 1 win apiece. The crowd is so jacked up for this matchup. Great pre-Main Event match.

“Let’s go Cena. Cena Sucks” -The Crowd (typical)

Kevin Owens has been made to look very strong since his introduction to the main roster. Good move by the WWE. I like how they have showcased his whole arsenal of moves in his short time on the main roster.

“Is that your hero?!?” -Kevin Owens (to the crowd, after manhandling Cena)

Kevin Owens has total control of this match so far. Cena no doubt will make a comeback, but good control by Owens so far in this match. Cena with a modified FACEBUSTER, first time I’ve seen that move by Cena. Good job by the WWE for showcasing Cena’s arsenal of moves while he faces Owens. People don’t know that Cena actually knows how to wrestle more than his 4 or 5 canned moves. This feud has brought out the best in John Cena. His career may have been rejuvenated, in that the fans are more invested in Cena than they have been in the last 3 or 4 years, by the matchup with Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens brings in a fan base with him, but the way Cena is respecting Owens’ game is causing the Cenation to embrace Owens as one of their own as well. This will do well for Owens in his time on the main roster.

Cena with the STF after a flurry of back and forth action. Owens kicks out of the hold. BACKBREAKER in the corner for a near fall by Owens. Cena taking a lot of abuse in this match. Owens being made to look like a monster because of the fact that Cena can take so much punishment.  Out of their 3 matchups so far, this is their 3rd best match. CANNONBALL by Ownes for the 2 count. That was close. In a way, because of how close Owens is getting, I think Cena will (infuriatingly) win now. CEna with the FLIPPOWERBOWB. Wow. He did that one clean. Great match so far by both men. Cena off the top. SITDOWN POWERBOMB. 2 count by Ownes. You can tell this is coming close to the end here. Owens with the advantagef…..OOOOOOOOH AA by Cena. 2 count. Hmm…

Cena in control, to the corner. Up top now for CEna. Counter. Owens with the SUPLEX from the top rope. 2 count. Cena is hurt though. Left shoulder pain…apparently. Ownes fired up now. POPUP POWERBOMB….into a HURRICANRANA.  Into a SUPERKICK.  Wait into the AA….into the STF….Oh Gawd Owens looking for the tap.  Lol

Cena inching to the ropes…gets there.  The crowd is booing now.  They have gone too long. This must end soon.  DDT by Cena. 2 count to the delight of the crowd.  The final dance is about to commence.  Cena with the advantage. Owens hack in control. Cena with the SPRINGBOARD STUNNER. CLOTHESLINE by Ownes. Both men down. Owens up first. SHOULDER BUSTER. 2 count. Owens is pissed now. Back on Cena, pummeling him. POPUP POWERBOMB……reverse……AA. NOOOOOO…2 count. Wow.  Cena looking dismayed. Crowd into it.

RUNNING CLOTHESLINE by Cena. Another one, and missed. POPUP POWERBOMB! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 2 count. Crowd a buzz. Wow. I don’t know what to expect now. I thought it was over rgith there.

“This is Awesome” -The Crowd

Owens up to  he top now. Cena with a HUGE RIGHT hand. Fighting in the corner now. Both up top. AA FROM THE CORNER???????? YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! OH. MY. GAWD.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 2 count. Holy Cow people! Owens just might do it. Maybe.

Cena back on the attack. Owens spent and out of energy…maybe.  Cena….ROLL UP and a 2 count.

STF by Cena.  Owens looking to get to the ropes. Almost there. Dragged back to the middle. STF back on. Owens (forced) taps out.

Winner: John Cena

Grade: A-…Great match, Owens still looks strong, Owens better win the title soon.

I don’t know if I agree with John Cena winning the title match but, I guess the WWE kept Kevin Owens looking strong even in defeat.  I’m not happy with it, but I can accept it.

So no Intercontinental Championship match because of a Staph infection? Well, at least the Miz is still here though I guess? Hmmm….something tells me that he is going to get destroyed quickly no matter what he is going to be doing in this segment.  Maybe Show comes in and chokeslams him?  Great promo as always though by the Miz.

“Who knows where Big Show is? In fact I would say that he has been missing since the Attitude Era.” – Miz

Ah, here is the Big Show. Now the Miz is backtracking. AAAAAAAAND right hand by the Show. Miz is KO’d and SHow walks out. Hahaha. Poor Miz.

WWE Heavyweight Championship

6th match: Brock Lesner vs. Seth Rollins (c)

Great recap of the Rollins/Lesner feud highlighted by the commentary of Paul Heyman. Brock is such a BEAST. If you’re not going to let Owens win something tells me that Rollins escapes somehow with the title. We shall see.

“I am the future, BRING HIM OUT!” – Seth Rollins

Brock Lesner looks scary, even in a fictional universe where the violence is mostly fake and scripted. He hasn’t been physically pinned or submitted for……wait for it…..2 years. He has to win right? And that’s probably why he loses somehow. Some silly way.

Seth Rollins really is a modern day Edge in the way he polarizes the audience as a Top Heel.


Brock in control from the opening bell. He has Rollins into the corner and he just wails on him. Trying to get Rollins into Suplex City. Rollins escapes with elbows. To the outside. Lesner chases. ROllins hits hard. Lesner trying to get back to the the SUPLEXES. Rollins to the hamstrings. Lesner back in control. Rollins counters again. Up to and caught by Lesner. Uh Oh.

SUPLEX CITY time. One. Twwwwooooo…….Three.

“Should we start to count? How many do you think Rollins can take?” -The King

Ooooouch…..Four. Brock stalking Rollins now. Aaaaaand there is SUPLEX number 5. Rollins to the outside. Rollins grabs his title and tries to run out.

HOLY SHIT. Lesner just hurdled the barracade and THREW ROllins back into the wrestling area. Back into the ring. This is starting to hurt me. Oh God. That’s number 6. Brock looks focused, ready to destroy Rollins. I don’t think he even cares about the title right now. SUPLEX. Lands on his feet. SUPERKICK. SHOULDER TACKLE. Lesner IS down. Kick to the face. ANOTHER KICK to the face. ANOTHER KICK TO THE FACE. Lesner is not fazed one bit though, as he turns the PEDIGREE into an F5. Rollins somehow back in control. Lesner to the outside. MISSILE LAUNCH to the outside by Rollins. ANOTHER MISSILE LAUNCH. AND ANOTHER MISSLE……….caught into SUPLEX number 7. That one really hurt. Damn.

Brock back in control. The crowd getting frenzied like a Roman Collusiom. SUPLEX number 8, doesn’t release. Into number 9, no release yet. AAAAAAAND number 10. 11. 12. Rollins is out on his feet right now. Lesner in total control. Lesner stalking the CHamp now. Rollings with a slap to the face. Lesner with a knee to the gut, and into Suplex number 13. He’s going for the cover now. Thank God.

WAIT WHAT?!?!? The Undertaker is HERE! HE’S BACK!

The Crowd is going NUTS!!!!! Undertaker with the CHOKE…..No…..F5…..No….lowblow and Undertaker back in control. CHOKESLAM…….and a good one to boot! (the lift looked like an old man lift though.)

Taker stalking the Beast now. Crowd chanting “UNDERTAKER”.  Taker picks him up into the TOMBSTONE (less laborious but just as old looking).  That took ALOT out of Taker. Proud of him for getting him all the way up…TWICE! Crowd going nuts, not realizing what is about to happen AFTER Taker leaves.

“UNDERTAKER!” – The Crowd (deafening chants)

ANOTHER TOMBSTONE from the Undertaker. Is this match still even going on? Did Seth get disqualified? Does it even matter?

I don’t think so.  I think the WWE just pulled a bit of WCW on that one.  Funny thing is, it worked for them. Lol. Sets up Summerslam I guess.

Winner: ???

Grade: B+….Great match, Suplex City, Undertaker

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