Where in the World is Megan Hilty?

My biggest regret of 2014? That WhatdoUwatch.com didn’t have the opportunity to report to the world how incredibly redefining the musical series ‘Smash’ would become in it’s 3rd and 4th seasons. Okay, so maybe it’s not my BIGGEST biggest regret, but it’s the biggest one related to this site. A big reason ‘Smash’ was so dynamic was the character of Ivy, blonde foil to the show’s front running American Idol sweetheart Katherine McPhee. Ivy, played by actual Broadway star Megan Hilty, more than held her own on screen with television, film and stage heavyweights Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Angelica Huston and Christian Borle.

Megan Hilty smash cast

Yet, despite how clear it was from episode 1 (my first introduction to the lady) that Megan Hilty is a star born of Earth destined for greatness, after a brief stint on doomed-from-the-start ‘Sean Saves the World’ we have yet to feel the ground beneath Hollywood shaking from the Megan Hilty explosion both we and she deserve. Just where in the world is Megan Hilty?

A debut album in 2013 that was…quaint and an apparent recurring role in Disney’s “Fairies like Tinkerbell” movies are something, sure, but I want more. I want more of the vocal powerhouse that was Ivy Lynn (I tried to email NBC for some “Team Ivy” T-shirts but got no response). I want more of the “my love life’s a mess but I smile and drink through it” one-liners that were ‘Sean Saves the World’s only chance at a saving grace.

Her album It Happens All the Time had some gems, notably the single, “No Cure” and her cover of “Dare You to Move”. But for an album that held only ten tracks, too many of them sounded like mirror images of each other. Perhaps I simply know she can do better, but for whatever reason I don’t count that album as chief among proof that she’s a star. And she is most definitely a star, I’m just (not so) patiently waiting for her to go supernova.

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