UFC 184 Rousey vs Zingano Winners and Losers

With UFC 184 in the books, which featured two Women’s Bantamweight bouts in the main and co-main events, its time to list the winners and losers from the event that was (list not limitted to actual winners and losers from the Pay-Per-View).

rousey zingano stare down

Winner: Me! It’s been two months now living in my new apartment, and all I have to say is this: Comcast sucks! I haven’t been able to watch the UFC events lately since my internet speed was too slow to stream. Let me repeat that: it was TOO SLOW TO STREAM! Sorry for yelling, but really, what’s the point of the internet if you can’t stream? It’s 2015 for crying out loud. But the Comcast tech finally came today and got the download speed at a reasonable enough measure for me to “acquire” the event and watch it on my laptop (not that I told him that’s what I was doing!) Thus, three days later I was able to watch UFC 184 almost spoiler free (who didn’t hear about Ronda Rousey utterly demolishing her “biggest test yet” in Cat Zingano?) and now can report to you the rest of the winners and loser from the event that was.


Winner: Jake Ellenberger With his first UFC submission, Jake Ellenberger locked onto Josh Koscheck’s neck and head and cranked until foam was spittle-ing out of the wrestler’s mouth (or was it spittle foaming?) While it wasn’t the most impressive win in the Welterweight Division lately, Ellenberger was able to showcase a new side of his fighting game. Known for his knockout power and bomb for bomb fighting style, Jake caught a wrestler in a choke and dropped down to the mat, clamping on and finishing the fight.

ellenberger choke

Ellenberger also has the luxury of fighting in the most action packed and interesting division in the current UFC landscape. The road ahead will be a tough one, to be sure, he’d still almost certainly be an underdog if thrown in against Hector Lombard or Carlos Condit, and one must remember he was rocking a three fight losing streak entering the cage against the unranked Koscheck. But if he can build up some momentum, win a couple of more fights higher and higher in the rankings, he could find himself closer to contender consideration than he’s ever found himself before.


Winner: Ronda Rousey  This one is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll lay it out anyway. In the fastest championship fight in UFC history Ronda Rousey side stepped a flying knee and then scrambled to the ground, somehow (I’ve watched it like 15 times and I’m still not sure how she did it) landing on top and catching Zingano’s arm in a twisting wrenching arm bar to finish the challenger in 14 seconds. Love her or hate her, Ronda Rousey has yet to do anything inside a UFC cage to disprove the theory that she is in fact a terminator sent from Skynet into the past to destroy the Women’s 135 pound Division.

rousey opponents

Cat Zingano (she’s not on my list of losers, she got caught like everyone else gets caught against the champ, nothing more, nothing less) was Ronda’s “toughest test” to date, and lasted 14 seconds. Ronda Rousey could retire tomorrow and be a lock for the Hall of Fame (or even an actual MMA Hall of Fame since we all know the UFC Hall of Fame is a joke). She literally has nothing left to prove, except maybe that she can sell a PPV all by herself, but that’s almost impossible for any fighter these days, and has more to do with the state of the sport in general than her own drawing power.


Loser: the rest of the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Division  If they were looking for a chink in Rousey’s armor, they couldn’t have found one with the Hubble telescope. One thing I hope they did learn: if you find yourself in a scramble with her, just go ahead and tap out.

rousey armbar

While Bethe Correia has the biggest claim to the next shot at Rousey, having beaten two of the champ’s friends and teammates already, the Brazilian pit bull can’t possible be happy with the outcome of Saturday’s match. Her and the rest of the division are really just fighting for second place. Correia has been impressive, to be sure, forcing the ever-trash talking Shayna Baszler (one of Ronda’s friends already mentioned) to quit long before the referee actually stopped the fight.

bethe correia

But if Bethe does get to go up against the unscathed Rousey, she’s going to need to be at the absolute top of her game from the second the bell sounds if she’s going to have any chance of not looking like a little girl in a woman’s sport, let alone a shot at claiming the belt.


Loser: Holly Holm and the UFC  Here’s what the UFC was hoping was going to happen: first, we were going to get an actual fight for the main event instead of 14 seconds. Second, Holly Holm was going to wow the entire crowd with her demolishing striking, beating Raquel Pennington into a bloody mess after three rounds, which would force everyone to leave the event wondering when we were going to see the two blondes square up with each other. The UFC set up Holly Holm as best they could, pitting her against a tough-as-nails striker who would stand in front of her and trade, but wasn’t quite as talented as the former boxer. Despite what two of three judges scored, and Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg seemed convinced of from the start, I actually had Holm losing the second and third rounds in her UFC debut. But the UFC wants Holly Holm to start on a high note and certainly needs her to step up into title contention with a quickness, so her hand was (unfairly) raised and she will be ushered on further up in the division.


She has, however, a long way to go if she’s going to rival any of the top women in the UFC.


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