Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Breakdown

It’s finally here! The first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens! Let’s break it down! First thing that popped at me was the over all tone of the trailer. It is obvious just from these 80 seconds that we are not going to be getting the child-targeted non-sense we got in the prequels! There was a much more ominous tone throughout, which is keeping my hopes for JJ Abrams and this movie very high.

Now let’s talk about what we got to see! X-wings, new lightsabers, the Falcon with a new radar, and rolling droids? I really enjoyed seeing all the new variations of well known Star Wars properties, while keeping the computer generation as low as possible! There were a lot of shots that looked as if they used a majority of practical effects, speeder shots, locations, droids, etc. But what really stuck with me was that new Sith Lightsaber! Mini-lightsabers on the hilt?!?!?! And who is the person wielding it, new enemy or unexpected ally?

I was a bit disappointed however, that we did not get to see the original cast, or much of any of the cast at all. The only actor we get to see and recognize is John Boyega, who is most likely going to be one of the new leads in the series, but we still are not sure what the name of his character will be. JJ has successfully peaked my interest with this trailer and I can not wait to see more! A year can not pass by fast enough!

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