New Trailer For ‘The Interview’, But Why?

By now I am sure everyone is tired of hearing about the Sony Hacks, after all it has been all over the news this past week. Of course the biggest story that came from this colossal mess was Sony Pictures pulling ‘The Interview’ not only from theaters, but from any form of release. Many people have criticized this action by Sony including many people within the Entertainment Community, primarily actors. As an alternative to premiering ‘The Interview’ several theaters in Texas had planned on showing ‘Team America: World Police’, but their plans were soon thwarted by Paramount who decided to follow in the questionable footsteps of Sony Pictures.

Now comes the interesting part.

This afternoon, around 2pm PST (12/18/14), Sony released a new trailer for ‘The Interview’, which was posted onto their official YouTube Channel. The trailer coined the tagline “In Franco and Rogen We Trust”, referring of course to the two lead actors of the film, Seth Rogen and James Franco. Releasing a trailer after having pulled the film entirely is an interesting move, especially when it comes with a rally cry. Does this mean that Sony Pictures will move ahead as planned with the Christmas release? After all, the trailer did say it would be coming out as scheduled. This is indeed a mixed message from Sony, but what if they do go back on what they said and release ‘The Interview’ next week? Even if it is just a VOD release?

The New Trailer:

The way I see it, Sony has either opened their ears to the cries from fans and their colleagues in the entertainment industry or they merely saw the vast potential for profit that opened up once this story spread world wide. Remember this is all based on the speculation that Sony actually decides to release ‘The Interview’, but if they do there is no doubt they will make a huge profit. The hype for the movie would be astounding, not to mention the people who would go in order to make a social statement. Regardless of their motive behind it, Sony releasing ‘The Interview’ in some capacity is necessary if they do not want these aggressors to have their way. We can not let anyone, let alone another country, bully us into not being able to express our First Amendment Rights.


As you can see from the embedded video not working Sony Pictures has taken down the trailer. Looks like they are sticking to the original plan after all. Hopefully they will release it in some capacity…eventually.

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