Is M. Night Shyamalan Making a Comeback? Let’s Look at the Data!


M. Night Shyamalan has made several movies that have a lasting impact on the viewer. Unfortunately a few of those are do to the fact that they are steaming piles of garbage. However, his latest film The Visit was a refreshing change of pace and an all around good movie, minus the rapping scenes, but this slight return to form (more like a return to general shape) brings me to the question at hand: Is he making a comeback?

To visualize Shyamalan’s success/failure throughout his career I have created for you this graph:




Movie Title IMDB Rotten Tomatoes (Audience) Rotten Tomatoes (Critics)
Praying with Anger 54.00% N/A N/A
Wide Awake 62.00% 68.00% 40.00%
The Sixth Sense 82.00% 89.00% 85.00%
Unbreakable 72.00% 77.00% 68.00%
Signs 67.00% 67.00% 74.00%
The Village 65.00% 57.00% 43.00%
Lady in the Water 57.00% 49.00% 24.00%
The Happening 51.00% 24.00% 17.00%
The Last Airbender 43.00% 31.00% 6.00%
After Earth 49.00% 37.00% 11.00%
The Visit 66.00% 61.00% 61.00%

His success has been going down for the majority of his career. Sure After Earth was better than Last Airbender, but when you hit rock bottom there’s no where left to go. Now that he is back to making bearable movies our expectations are on the rise. Whether or not this upswing will break out into a full blown renaissance is hard to say, so I leave that question to you, but I’ll keep my hopes up that things will continue to get better


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