Initial Thoughts on CW’s ‘Flash’ ‘Arrow’ “team up”

So the Arrow finally threw down with Flash, and it was a tie (or so they said, but The Arrow won in my mind). Furthermore, while technically a SPOILER ALERT if you didn’t see it, Robbie Amell who plays the once thought dead Ronnie on ‘The Flash’ is back as the fire dude metahuman. Now, I give this the title of spoiler reservedly, as anyone who knows anything about TV shows was not at all surprised by his appearance. It’s the actor from CW’s cancelled ‘Tomorrow People’ and ‘Arrow’ lead actor Stephen Amell’s little baby brother, he wasn’t contracted onto the show for a couple of flashback scenes and a photo on Caitlin’s desk.


As giddy as I am about the Flash Arrow fight, (it was done very well in a way that melded the two shows’ forms) I can’t help but feel a bit disheartened by the seeming one-off nature of the episode. Arrow comes into Central City looking for a perp and ends up helping The Flash, then fighting the Flash, then helping the Flash. This is comic book team up 101. For a show struggling to redefine the nature of superheroes on the small screen and a series currently in a knockdown drag-out fight with FOX’s ‘Gotham’ and ABC’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, this so-called two-night event isn’t shaping out to be anything of the sort.


We’ll have to wait and see tonight what happens on ‘Arrow’, but without the “To Be Continued…” closing I was expecting on last night’s ‘The Flash’, I’m at a loss as to why ‘Arrow’ fans needed to watch that ‘Flash’ and why ‘Flash’ viewers need to tune in to tonight’s ‘Arrow’. Yes, I realize that there aren’t too many people tuning into one show and not the other. That’s not the point. The point is that the two shows had an opportunity here to do something neither of the other network’s shows can do, and that was to meld the two series into, at least for a moment, one extended epic. What Marvel and DC do in their comic book universes that no other medium can do is the combination of multiple story arcs that dovetail and eventually merge into a final showdown. I have to think that’s coming, but maybe we’ll have to wait until Hal Jordan shows up in ‘The Flash’ to get Barry Allen’s help taking down the impending Kryptonian armada, while only the Arrow and Diana Prince have the key to destroying the Atlantean created cyborg Amazo who was trained by the League of Shadows. All I know is that we didn’t get any kind of epic last night, and we probably won’t get it tonight either.

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