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Power Rankings (THE VOICE)

“The Voice” – Team Power Rankings (After the Blinds) [10-13-2014]

Welcome to the first ever, Heckler’s, “The Voice”, Team Power Rankings.Shock and Awe (THE VOICE)

I know, I can’t believe it either.  No one could have guessed that the Heckler watched “Reality TV”, let alone a fantastically entertaining show like “The Voice.”  Now the Public at Large is going to get Team Power Rankings?!?  The excitement could know no bounds!

So here’s the gist of what is going to happen on a Weekly basis.  “The Voice” is going to air on NBC, Monday and Tuesday nights. ��The Heckler is going to watch those episodes on Hulu Plus on Wednesday night (with possible Video reactions to the episodes).  Then the magic happens.  The “Heckler’s, ‘The Voice’, Team Power Rankings” come out on Friday.  The Power Rankings will consist of:

  • My reactions to that weeks episode
  • Which favorite underwhelmed
  • Which underdog performed into America’s hearts (there’s always one “America’s Sweetheart“)
  • Did America/or the Coaches make the right decision?
  • Team Power Rankings
  • Predictions for the following week episode

This weeks Power Rankings will consist of #1 through #12 on each of the four Teams as they head into the “Battle Rounds”.  More than likely each of the Coaches will put together match ups that will eliminate artists that have overlapping similarities (i.e. Soul singer vs. Soulful Blues singer, or two Country artists together, or a Folk singer up against a Indy Rocker……you get the idea).  Anyway I am going to rank each team (1-12) and give a brief synopsis on whom I believe they will be matched up with in the “Battle Rounds”.  The odds of them surviving the “Battle”.  Chances the losing artist (if they lose) gets “saved” by another judge.  Alright now that you know what is going to happen let’s get started.

 Team Blake

Team Blake (THE VOICE)

Team Blake to no surprise is Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll heavy. Blake Shelton has coached on “The Voice” in all 7 Seasons, including this one, (winning the show 3 times) so he knows what he’s looking for in an artist.  He also knows his strengths and Country, with some Rock ‘n’ Roll, is right in his wheelhouse.  The 3 time CMA Male Vocalist of the Year (yes, I do watch the show that much to know something like that) at this point in his Coaching career is looking to find the next Country Superstar……basically he’s looking for the next…..well him.  My guess is, if he finds the next one at least he’ll see them coming.

Team Blake Rankings (Last Week)

1 (-). James David Carter – “Miss Gwen, thank you for teaching me spell how to spell Bananas. I appreciate that.”

James David Carter sang, “Nobody Knows” and got an instant 4 chairs to turn lead by Adam Levine. The other 3 judges knew what they were hearing. Heck, I knew what I was hearing. He freaking KILLED the Country version of this song (or it might have been the original version, I don’t know). He is a threat to win it all in Season 7. He is the Country singer that Blake has been waiting for. He’ll be stolen for sure if he were to somehow get outperformed in the “Battle Rounds”.

2 (-). Craig Wayne Boyd – “How awesome is he that he’s never heard a song, but he knows when you’re ad-libbing in it.”

Craig sang, “The Whiskey ain’t working“. Very Classic Country by Mr. Boyd. I knew Blake was going to hit his button after a bit of singing. He’s lucky though, I’ve seen Blake not pick the “Honkey Tonk Cowboy” persona. But Boyd definitely killed his performance, and at this point Blake is looking for a legacy than just one season. He’s dangerously “unassuming”. If he makes it past the “Battle Rounds”, he’s going to be a threat. Potential steal candidate as well.

3 (-). Reagan James – “We haven’t heard anyone like you on this show”

Reagan sang, “Give me Love” and she sang it like it was last shot at this singing thing. She had 3/4 chair turn potential written all over her. She got 2 real quick. Then she sang her heart out the rest of the way. She’s one of the stronger non-Country singers on Team Shelton. Reagan has the potential of being that favorite, just off the radar. She is from the town that Kelly Clarkson is from. She is also……wait for it…….15 YEARS OLD. If Blake knows how to cultivate her God-given talents she’s going to be a juggernaut. “America’s Sweetheart” ALERT

4 (-) Taylor Brashears – “Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee”

Taylor sang, “You ain’t Women enough” for her Blinds. It was VERY country. She did very well. On Team Blake, she’s one of the favorites because of who the Coach is. If she is able to expand out of her “box”, she’s a real threat to go far. She’s solid at #4 right now.

5 (-). Justin Johns – ” ”

Justin sang, “Let her go” and it was one of those performances where he put a bit of his own spin on the song. You didn’t know for sure if anyone was going to press their button, but he was solid so I figured at least Adam would hit is button. He hit his pocket right near the end when he thought he wasn’t going to get picked. Then Blake hit his button right at the end. Dark horse candidate. He’s one of those guys that barely gets on the show and then kills it from then on.

6 (-) John Martin – “Well that girl’s done for the night”

John Martin sang, “Sweat Pea” for his Blind Audition. He did pretty well.  I think he benefitted from not going near the end. The judges seem more willing to press their buttons based on potential early on. I was pretty sure he would get at least 2 chair turns. I guessed Adam and Gwen. He got 3 chairs to turn (Gwen, Pharrell, and Blake). He has the potential to be eliminated in the “Battles”, and if he does I don’t see anyone saving him.

7 (-). Allison Bray – “You’re a breath of fresh air”

Allison is a Season 6 returnee from Louisville, Kentucky. She sang, “Merry Go Round” and got both Gwen and Blake to turn their chairs rather quickly. Adam followed soon after. I personally knew from the moment Ms. Bray started that she was going to get at least 2 chair turns. The real question was, was Blake Shelton going to turn his chair.  I didn’t think for a minute that she wasn’t choosing Blake Shelton. Allison is a middle of the pack threat on Team Shelton. She’s trending up though. Whether or not she’s comfortable with the song may have everything to do with her “Battle”. Potential “America’s Sweetheart”

8 (-). Bree Fondacaro – “You got the attention of a Master”

Bree sang, “It ain’t me Babe” for her Blinds. It took the judges a second before they decided to turn their chairs. The song didn’t lend well to showcase Bree’s voice. But as the song wore on Blake Shelton was won over by the melodic tones of Bree. She’s going to be Blake’s “sleeper” in Season 7.

9 (-). Kensington Moore – ” ”

Another casualty of the “Montage of what you missed while we were on commercial break”. Blake was the only coach to turn around. We’ll see what she has in store for the viewing audience in the “Battle Rounds”.

10 (-). Fernanda Bosch – “Originally my parents are from Venezuela”

Fernanda sang, “I Try“. It started shaky, and continued to stay that way but she luckily got 2 chairs to turn near the end of her set on stage. I was surprised she took Blake. I thought she was for sure going to be on Team Gwen. She could be a dark horse candidate, if she survives the “Battle Rounds”. Potential opponent for Kensignton Moore.

11 (-). Grant Ganzer – ” ”

I assume that Mr. Grant Ganzer is just above our potential underdog story of the year (Tanner Linford) since he didn’t even make the cut to be heard on television. Unless Ganzer amazes in the Battle Rounds, look for him to make an early exit. Possible match up against Tanner? (Seems legit).

12 (-). Tanner Linford – “Wow, your voice does not match your body”

Tanner sang, “When you say nothing at all“. He had the audience hanging on the edge of their seats throughout his song. You thought he was going to get crushed by not getting pick for a 2nd year in a row. Then Blake hit his button right at the last second. His response was classic. His voice broke as he peaked out of one eye. Tanner is the underdog of underdogs. If he can get to the LIVE rounds (which is a long shot) he’ll win over America with just his “cuteness”. “America’s Sweetheart” ALERT

Team Adam

Team Adam (THE VOICE)

Team Adam has a very eclectic look to it as Season 7 gets underway on “The Voice”. Adam Levine finally got his 2nd winning contestant in 6 years. He and Blake Shelton are the only two Coaches to have participated in every Season of, “The Voice”. Adam is looking for that one particular voice to nurture. Like himself, he tends to lean towards more “Poppy” singers. But he will take a chance at the random Country singer, or Folk singer, etc. Coach Adam looks to build on his winning ways heading into Season 7. I think Adam is looking for the next Pink, or the Maroon 5.

Team Adam Rankings (Last Week)

1 (-). Damien – “I’ve just been told, ‘No’ so many times.”

Damien (No last name. Damn Divas!) chose to sing “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” for his Blind Audition. I’m a HUUUUUUUGE Boyz II Men fan, and I have also heard the Beatles do their rendition before them. This is one of those songs that can either kill your performance…..or make you Legend…..wait for it…..ary. It was….LEGENDARY. 4 chairs turned within 20 secs of Damien opening his mouth. He’s not just Adam’s favorite, but he’s a favorite to win the show, be “America’s Sweetheart” AND be the #1 steal of the Battle Rounds, if he falters and Adam cuts him (I don’t think that’s happening but I’ve seen weirder things on this show)

2 (-). Matt McAndrew – “I gotta get in on this now”

Matt McAndrew sang, “A Thousand Years” for his Blind Auditions. Wow. The moment he started singing the Judges were intently listening. Within seconds Adam was hooked and you could tell he WANTED Matt on his team. Then he hit the 1st chorus and the other judges came a calling. Matt ultimately picked Adam and well…..the rest COULD be history. He definitely has a chance to win the whole show. Matt just needs to keep singing and get to the LIVE rounds.

3 (-). Jonathan Wyndham – “I loved how sincere it sounded”

Jonathan sang, “Say Something” for his Blinds. You could tell that he was very comfortable with his rendition of the song (it was at about an octive lower than the original, but it was so he could hit his falsetto later in the song.). He seemed like a potential 4 chair turner, and he proved to be so. He is an instant contender for the show. Adam has another strong contender for the LIVE’s (if he should make it). Potential steal candidate as well.

4 (-). Ethan Butler – “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Ethan sang, “Beneath your Beautiful” for his Blinds. With a calm and a cool that belied the scrutiny of the moment Ethan sang a great rendition of “Beneath your Beautiful”. You cold tell he was going to be on a Team. He was a no doubter. He is smooth and deadly. He isn’t the favorite, but he’s lying in the weeds waiting to sneak up on all the favorites. R & B/Soul Singer supreme. He’s a contenda

5 (-). Chris Jamison – “Wow, you’re really cute. Reeally cute.”

Chris sang, “Gravity” for his Blind Audition. He came out strong with his first high note, and he stayed in the pocket. By the time he finished his first line he had the Coaches in the palm of his hands (as well as the ladies in the audience). Chris chose a great song to show off his vocal range. He is an instant contender on a Team full of contenders. He may be a potential “Battle” opponent for Jonathan Wyndham. He’s definitely a steal candidate if Adam doesn’t pick Chris.

6 (-). Clara Hong – “You’re silk!”

Clara sang, “Chuck E.’s in Love” during her Blinds. She mesmerized Gwen and Adam early. She’s sneaky good. She one of those singers that going to hang out around #6 or #7 and off the “top contenders” radars.  But I bet she’s going to be in the LIVE rounds.

7 (-). Joe Kirk – “I’m from Nashville, Tennessee, and I’m 17 years old.”

Mister Kirk (I’m not going to call him Captain Kirk until he makes it into the LIVE rounds.) chose “Lego House” as his song for the Blinds. He hit the pocket right from the get go. It was obvious to all that was watching that Joe was going to be on the show, the question was on who’s team. He was a 4 chair turner. Another strong contender on Team Adam. He chose a song that showcased his voice and his control perfectly. If Adam can continue to do that he’s got himself a winner. Look for Blake to steal Joe if Adam doesn’t pick him in the “Battle Rounds”.

8 (-). Beth Spangler – “I do have some super soulful singer, but I don’t HAVE YOU! ”

Beth sang, “The Best thing I never had” for her Blind Audition. She got the attention of Adam and Blake with her mysterious tones and controlled runs. Pharrell and Gwen joined the party right at the end. She was a 4 chair turner and she got Adam’s last spot. He seems like a solid middle of the pack singer right now. She has a chance to be special though, if she can survive the “Battle Rounds”

9 (-). Mia Pfirrman – “That was really good right? When are we going to start hitting our damn buttons?”

Mia sang, “Unconditionally“. Well more like she belted it out with the force of a thousand suns. She’s another one of those “oh yeah, she’s definitely going to be on a team”.  Then the song went on for a bit and you weren’t sure. Then she hit her BIG note right in the middle, and held it……and well…..that’s all she wrote. She’s secretly good. She just picked a song that didn’t show her range until it was almost too late in her audition. She’s sitting at #9 eyeballing the people ahead of her, and she’s thinking, “I’m coming to get you!”

10 (-). Kelli Douglas – “You are sooo cute. Look how cute she is.”

Kelli Douglas sang, “Danny’s Song” for her Blind Audition. She came out nervous and shaky but once she got to the Bridge she was fine and then she hit the pocket and rode that for the rest of her performance. Adam turned quickly, with Gwen wanting “just a little more”. Eventually she and Blake both turned. Adam got Kelli even though she’s from Dallas, Texas. Kelli’s solid, she just needs coaching and Adam may have a diamond in the rough in Ms. Douglas.

11 (-). Rebekah Samarin – ” ”

Rebekah was another one of those, “Back from the Break Montage” casualties. Hopefully she has some secret weapons up her sleeve as she picked Adam, over Gwen. She’s definitely an underdog. Potential “America’s Sweetheart” if she can make it past the “Battle Rounds”.

12 (-). Alessandra Castronovo – ” ”

Alessandra is Adam’s sleeper. She was one of the “after break montage” casualties, so we don’t really know what we can expect from Alessandra. Only time will tell

 Team Pharrell

Team Pharrel (THE VOICE)

This Season is amazing for 2 reasons. One of them is Mister All-Everything in the Music business………Pharrell Williams. Pharrell is interesting in that he is looking at this from a Production stand point. I feel like a lot of his top top end talent is going to have some sort of career even if they don’t end up winning the Show, just because Pharrell may just sign them to his label regardless of the outcome. That’s the beauty of “The Voice”. With that said, Pharrell got a cavalcade of talent during the Blind Auditions.  I am intrigued at what kind of match ups Pharrell may put together.

Team Pharrell Rankings (Last Week)

1 (-). Maiya Sykes – “Sorry, I’m a little nervous”

Maiya sang, “Stay with Me” for her Blind Auditions. Maiya had the whole room in the palm of her hands from the get go. Instant 4 chair turners aren’t a dime a dozen. But when they appear, EVERYONE knows it. Maiya is one of the 2 favorites on Team Pharrell. People in the contest should be VERY worried about Miss Maiya Sykes.

2 (-). Katriz Trinidad – “15 years old”

Katriz sang, “At Last” for her Blind Auditions. Right when she opened up you could tell that she was going to sing the song as close to the original as possible. Katriz mesmerized Pharrell. She is a strong candidate to make it to the LIVEs. Pharrell is the perfect Coach to get the most out of her untapped potential. “America’s Sweetheart” ALERT!!!

3 (-). Luke Wade – “We did it. We won ‘The Voice'”

Luke Wade sang, “That’s how strong my Love is” for his Blind Audition. Luke started out well. He was in the pocket from the get go. Another instant 4 chair turner. He put the rest of the contestants on notice. The unassuming guy in the necktie was indeed a force to be reckoned with. Pharrell’s top 5 singers are as strong as, if not stronger, than the other 3 teams.

4 (-). Elyjuh Rene – “”

Elyjuh sang, “XO” for his Blind Audition. I didn’t know how I felt about Elyjuh singing “XO” for his Blinds. It’s one of those songs that if you mess it up, or don’t meet some of the expectation that come with singing a Beyonce song, you’re dead. Luckily for Mr. Rene, he came close enough where the Judges were willing to turn around. He is a strong competitor. If he doesn’t make it past the “Battle Rounds”, he is definitely a steal candidate.

5 (-). Taylor Phelan – “You were so lost in what you were doing”

Taylor sang, “Sweater Weather” for his Blind Audition. Taylor is what you would call a “solid singer”. He doesn’t have a lot flaws in his style. He unassumingly gained a 4 chair turning performance. He is one of the favorites on Team Pharrell. He is also a potential steal candidate. I foresee Taylor making past the “Battle Rounds” one way or another.

6 (-). Blessing Offer – “I can’t see you. In case that wasn’t obvious”

Blessing Offer, the first blind artist that I’ve seen on “The Voice”, sang, “Just the Two of Us” in his Blind Audition. Okay. I thought for sure that this was a no brainer. There’s no way that NBC puts this guy on TV and he doesn’t get picked. But then he started off shaky and all I thought was, “God, don’t let this just be a rating ploy.” But Blessing caught his stride by the middle of the song, and he finished the song very strong. Pharrell and Blessing may make a great team. Dark Horse Special!

7 (-). Toia Jones – “I wore it for YOU!”

Toia sang, “One and Only” for her Blind Auditions. As soon as she started singing you thought, “hmmmm, she has potential.” It took awhile for the Judges to warm up to her but then she hit the high note near the end and the Judges (Adam and Pharrell) were on board. Pharrell is the best Coach for Toia. Toia is a “sleeper” even though she could be conceived as one of the favorites

8 (-). DaNica Shirey – “The audience didn’t clap as much as they wanted to”

DaNica sang, “Big White Room” for her Blind Audition. DaNica attacked the song like a beast. She hit the pocket and stayed there. It was a great song choice to showcase her voice, and her range. Pharrell is going to have fun with that big booming voice, and all that potential that DaNica has. She is also a potential steal candidate.

9 (-). Brittany Butler – “The first handful of cotton candy has been thrown”

Brittany Butler came onto “The Voice” and sang, “The Girl from Ipanema” for her Blinds. She came out sexy, and sassy. You could tell that at least 1 coach was going to turn around. Not only was she good, she was a different style of voice than what had been coming across the stage up to that moment. Pharrell definitely will have a fun time working with Brittany’s voice and tone. Under the radar favorite to come out of Pharrell’s Team and make it to the LIVEs.

10 (-). Daniel Griffin – “In Nashville, I sing a lot of Pop music”

Daniel sang, “It’s a Beautiful Day” for his Blind Audition. Trying this could have back fired on him, but it worked out for him in the long run. He almost didn’t get to show off his great voice on the stage but the song allowed him to get there in the middle. Lucky him. He was solid, once he found the pocket he stayed there and flourished. He has a very high ceiling for this show. He’s one of Pharrell’s sleepers

11 (-). Ricky Manning – “I heard a guy who knew that it was his moment and you got lost in that moment until it was time to finish singing.”

Ricky Manning……..No, not that Ricky Manning. Anyhow, Ricky sang, “Love Me Again” for his Blind Auditions. It started out shaky at first, and it looked like another “almost made it” moment. I had my doubts on whether or not he was going to be on any Team, but then he got to the part of his song (finally) where it showcased just enough of his voice that he got a chair to turn around at the back end of the song. He is by far the worst of Pharrell’s Team, but he has room to grow on this show. IF he makes it past the “Battle Rounds”.

12 (-). Jordy Searcy – “”

Jordy is Pharrell’s “Back from the Break Montage” singer. He’ll need to have a great showing in the “Battle Rounds”. Possible opponent for Ricky Manning.

 Team Gwen

Team Gwen (THE VOICE)

Team Gwen has what no other team has going into the “Battle Rounds”……..customized shirts for the 12 lucky artists that were chosen by Gwen. Team Gwen seems to be the most even from top to bottom. It should be interesting how the “Battle Rounds” will be paired up. Though I suspect that once we get to the LIVEs, Team Gwen will benefit from their Coaches sense of style and grace. It looks like Gwen is the underdog going in, but don’t underestimate the Queen of Orange County.

1 (-). Anita Antoinette – “This is CRAZY!”

Returnee Anita Antoinette sang, “Turn Your Lights Down Low” for her Blind Audition. She not only got a chair to turn this time around…………she was pretty much an instant 4 chair turner. She is the leader heading into the clubhouse on Team Gwen. We’ll see how far she can go when she gets to the LIVEs. “America’s Sweetheart” ALERT!!!

2 (-). Troy Ritchie – “You’re Awesome”

Troy Ritchie sang, “Out of My League” for his Blind Audition. Troy came out strong in his Blinds. He had the auditorium rocking and rolling from the get go. The song choice could have been better, but eventually it gave him the right avenue to showcase his talents a little more. He is going to be a force on the show. He is very underrated in his skill set. He is no slouch and if he gets past the “Battle Rounds” he will be taking America by storm in the LIVEs.

3 (-). Bryana Salaz – “I’m 16”

Bryana sang, “Problem” for her Blind Audition. Controlled. Poised. In the Pocket. Dangerously Good. That’s a pretty good way of describing Bryana Salaz. Once the Judges started turning her confidence went up, and man that high note. Whew. She is definitely a contender. I wonder who she’s going to be paired up with in the “Battle Rounds”. If she doesn’t make it, she WILL be stolen.

4 (-). Sugar Joans – “Sugar Joans.  Where you born with that name?”

Sugar Joans sang, “Chain of Fools” for her Blind Audition. Sugar came out with the sass it takes to sing this song, but she wasn’t solid in the pocket until about half way.  Once she got settled in she showed how different her voice really was. She had the crowd mesmerized.  The song choice almost lost it for her, but she was solid enough down the stretch to convince Gwen to hit the button right at the end. She is going to be one of Gwen’s better singers. Scary solid.

5 (-). Taylor John Williams – “Dude. I am so happy right now.”

Taylor John Williams sang, “Heartless” for his Blind Audition. Taylor searched for his pocket in the beginning but once he found it he ran with it. Williams is silky smooth in his delivery. I think he can get past the “Battle Rounds” but I’m not sure whether it’s going to be because he’s picked, or stolen. I’m going to guess stolen.

6 (-). Amanda  Lee Peers – “Oh My God. She’s on ‘The Voice'”

Amanda sang, “Put the Gun Down” for her Blind Audition. She was into the song right from the beginning. She had the crowd on her side from the beginning as well. That’s another important aspect of your performance that a lot of people forget. If you get the crowd rocking and rolling it helps the Judges nudge towards the button. Amanda is one of Gwen’s stronger singers. A force to be reckoned with.

7 (-). Jessie Pitts – “”

Jessie Pitts sang, “The Story” for her Blind Audition. Jessie got Gwen from the get go, and she reward her for her quickness in actions. Jessie sounds like the classic Pop/Folk singer. She has some pitch issues when she goes high, but that’s fixable. She could be a Dark Horse candidate.

8 (-). Jean Kelley – “Do you now?”

Jean Kelley sang, “Already Gone” for her Blind Audition. You could feel the pain in her voice when she sang this song. He was committed to this song from the beginning. I didn’t know if it was going to be enough though. She was hitting the pocket well, but it was just the song. It didn’t showcase her range, or her amplitude soon enough. Once she got to the “meat and potatoes” of the song (the end) she snuck in. Dark Horse candidate. Possible steal candidate as well

9 (-). Menlik Zergabachew – “Oh My God. You’re soooo cute.”

Menlik sang, “Santeria” for his Blind Audition. He sang with enough of his Jamaican flare that it caught the attention of the Judges. I’m intrigued to see how far he can really go. I don’t know if he will get past the “Battle Rounds” but he will definitely be intriguing to see him in the LIVEs (just to see what his performance would really look like). One of many Dark Horse candidates on Team Gwen.

10 (-). Mayra Alvarez – “You are such a beautiful singer”

Mayra sang, “Human Nature” for her Blind Audition. She started off a little shaky. Once again history has shown us that if you pick someone like Michael Jackson it doesn’t work out so well for you, but Mayra had something going for her. She picked a song that a girl can kill if they stay in the pocket. And well Mayra stayed in the pocket long enough for it to sound impressive. And once 1 Coach turned around, she ramped in up and got a 2nd Coach to turn.  Under the radar, superstar, waiting to happen. From Jake Worthington’s (2nd place finisher from Season 6) home town of La Port, Texas.

11 (-). Ryan Sill – “”

Ryan Sill sang, “Secrets” during his Blind Audition. He started off strong. He is technically sound and has the capabilities to go higher in range and just blow the doors off of the audience. He just needs to make it to the LIVEs. He is in the bottom half of the 12 but I think he’s capable of moving into the 6/possibly 7 range. He has room to grow on “The Voice”, hope Gwen can handle this raw talented artist. Potential steal candidate.

12 (-). Gianna Salvato – “”

Gianna was Gwen’s “Back from the Break Montage” singer. Only one way to go from here, and that’s up. She’ll look to survive the “Battles” and move on.

There it is my friends. The Heckler’s “The Voice” Team Power Rankings. We’ll meet back here next week sometime to see how close I was. And what I think the LIVEs will look like, as the “Battle Rounds” cut the teams down to size.

 NEXT WEEK: “The Voice” Team Power Rankings: After the “Battle Rounds”