In the Ring with the Heckler – “The Voice”: Heading into the Live Rounds

geoffslogoPower Rankings (THE VOICE)11/9/14

Ok well…’s been about a month since my last Power Rankings….

Well…I just figured that it wouldn’t matter until the Live Rounds started anyhow, and well here we are…..?


Just sit back and relax; and let yourself get transfixed away by a man named “The Heckler”, as he takes you on a journey into the “Live Rounds”


……That’s right bitches, the Live Rounds.

First of all….Yes! It has been almost a month since I last reported, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the truth before the Sermon on Monday and Tuesday nights. Anyhow here’s what the Heckler thinks about the teams heading into the “Live Rounds”.

Team Pharrell

Team Pharrel (THE VOICE)

Team Pharrell is full of “winners” and “stars”. Can they put it all together and get to the finish line? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure. At least one of Pharrell’s stars will reach the Final 4.

1. DaNica Shirely – The Diva

DaNica is clearly the favorite on Team Pharrell. The only way that DaNica doesn’t get to the Final 4 stage is if America has a brain fart. Don’t laugh, they done it before.

*Potential Winner

2. Luke Wade – The Understudy

If there was no DaNica Shirely, then well Luke Wade would be the guy. He still has a chance to win it all, but he is going to have to give it his all, even if America loves him already

*Potential  Top 5’er

3. Sugar Joans – The Pick

Sugar has been pinpointed from the beginning. If Pharrell can help it she will advance as far as she is capable of.


4. Jean Kelley – The Survivor

She is one of the few that has been stolen, and then has advanced to the next round. She is a force to be reckoned with. Pharrell’s Sleeper to be sure.


5. Elyjah Rene – The Anointed One

He is low in this list because he has too much to prove. The young one. The Anointed One. If he picks the right song…..America’s Sweetheart it is.


Team Gwen

Team Gwen (THE VOICE)Team Gwen is the underdog team in this years Voice. If someone from her team wins it will be a shocker.  After having said that though, Gwen does have some threats on her team.

1.  Anita Antoinette – The Vet

Anita, who was a 0 chair turner in Season 4, was a 4 chair turner in this Season’s Blind Auditon. Anita has proven to be Gwen’s #1 from the beginning. It is hers to lose at this point.

*The Fav

2. Taylor John Williams – The Folk Guy

Talyor is going to have to pick the best songs for him going foreward, otherwise he’s done after the first rounds of the “Lives”

*Stealer of Hearts

2. Brian Sills – The Model

He, like Taylor, is going to be all about his song choice, as well as his arrangement.

*Silent Assassin

4. Briana Salaz – The Young ‘un

Briana has a chance to seize her moment from the get go, only if she chooses the right song.

*Young Hearts Sing Free

5. Ricky Manning – The Underdog

On a team of underdogs, he is the one.

Team Blake

Team Blake (THE VOICE)Team Country is what you could call Blake Shelton’s team. He’s about to try and get a 2nd winner from the Voice to be a Country artist.

1. James David Carter – The Chosen One

If James David Carter doesn’t get to the Finale, it won’t be Blake Shelton’s fault to be sure. He is almost a shoe in for the finale, unless he chooses a song that isn’t in his wheelhouse (I doubt that btw).

*Top 3 overall

2. Craig Wayne Boyd – Stolen, only to be stolen again

Craig is the first person to ever be stolen, only to be stolen back to his original team. Here’s the kicker though, it’s probably the best for him though. I know, shut up. He’s back roaming the sidelines of his old coach.

*The Wildcard

3, Taylor Brashears – The Country Diva

If there exists a “Diva”, on Team Blake, it is one Miss Brashers. She is a force to be reckoned with.

*The Diva

4. Regan Jones – The Silent Killer

Regan Jones is Silent and Deadly. America is waiting to love her

*Can’t see her coming

5. Jessie Pitts – The Worker

Jessie Pitts is one to watch. She may just win the whole damn thing!

*The Grinder

Team Adam

Team Adam (THE VOICE)Team Adam seems to be the strongest heading into the “Lives”, but we all know how that shakes out. Especially with America voting……..yikes!

1. Damien – The Winner

If Damien can control his emotions, and hit his notes, there is no way he loses.

*The Real Favorite

2. Taylor Phelan – The 2nd Best

Taylor is fighting for his family. Damien is fighting for his legacy. We will see who wins out. Taylor is the 2nd best in this competition though, for sure.

*Only if he wasn’t in with Damien

3. Matt McAndrews – Unfortunately the 3rd Best

It’s not Matt’s fault really.  If it was any other year, he’d be the dead on favorite (insteadd of 3rd best

*Another year, another time

4. Chris Jamison – The Next Gen

He’s the winner in like 3 years… of now though………….just top 8

*The NEXT young gun

5. Mia Firman – The Female Wonder

She’s a BEAST! I hope she’s back next year. She definitely rounds out Adam’s deep team

Next Week: After the 1st Live Rounds.

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