Friends on Netflix!

10492609_769059996472636_5419631289719083517_nNetflix has done it again! Currently I am working my way through every episode of Gilmore Girls, as it is an amazing show that I have already seen every episode for; and before I can even finish season one, Netflix announces that they will soon be streaming every episode of Friends starting in 2015! Now I’m not the biggest fan of Friends. It goes into that slightly overrated category for me, right alongside Seinfeld; but with the availability of every episode right at my fingertips, I’m willing to give it a second shot. To be honest, I never gave it that big of a shot in the first place…It was always more of my sister’s thing. Then again, that’s how I got hooked on Gilmore Girls, so who knows? Maybe watching the show from the beginning will give me a fresh perspective, and if not, at least I have every episode of Gilmore Girls to rewatch! Thanks Netflix!!!

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