Do You Know Where Your Superheroes Are? Geoffrey recaps Arrow and The Flash on the CW

We can argue all day and night over what constitutes a “superhero” (and trust me, I have) but with the less-than-stellar premiere of CBS’s ‘Supergirl’ I thought it would be appropriate to check in on the current superhero programs bombarding our living rooms. Starting with Arrow and The Flash on the CW, the sister shows have begun ping-ponging back and forth as they move toward the third series of the cannon: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, and both shows have only gotten better as they’ve progressed.

If you aren’t currently up to date with ‘Arrow’, you should probably avoid the spoiler of original Black Canary, Sara’s, resurrection (Caity Lotz). Although it’s not like we didn’t already see that coming (she was in the trailer for ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ for God’s sake). resurrection

As ecstatic as I am for Lotz’s return (the girl oozes sexual ferocity with every word she kinda speaks kinda whispers), caity lotz she’s obviously jumping ship to bulk up the roster on ‘Legends’, so it’s sure to be a quick return. Her resurrection is driving the series forward for Thea and especially Laurel (Willa Holland and Katie Cassidy), providing a reason for Malcom Merlyn and Nyssa al Ghul (John Barrowman and Katrina Law) to get back involved not only plot-istically but also (and more importantly) emotionally.

The resurrected Sara, at this point, seems to be a feral beast of a person, clawing and growling at her own sister and father (plot twist!) without a shred of the person she used to be. As bad ass as she was when she donned the Black Canary visage, without her humanity there ought to be some serious blood letting before the team can bring her in.

feral sara

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) took some time away from dodging bullets, but when that time away takes place between a season finale and the immediately following premiere, how are we, as an audience, supposed to impose any real meaning on that hiatus? Oliver and Diggle (David Ramsey) were still reeling from the fallout of last season; they’ve been swapping passive aggressiveness for 3 whole episodes! Now, moving into episode 5, they seem to have mended the fences and are back to square one of their ass kicking ways, this season complete with an entire crew of crimefighters (even Thea’s getting down with her bad self!).

arrow teamspeedy

The villain of the season, Damien Darhk, who is also set to play a role in ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, is played by Neal McDonough in an attempt to bring some well known star power to the franchise. While these series generally revolve around the villain of the year, there are some major spoilers that have been leaked online concerning Darhk’s connection to the team (I won’t utter them here, but it’s a pretty tired bit in my personal opinion).


One day earlier in the DCCW Universe, superpowers are running rampant (and getting a little hard to keep track of) on ‘The Flash’. The core is still there, minus (until the climactic shot to end the last episode) villain of season one: Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). harrison wells  While the Flash struggles with the loss of his mentor/archnemesis, the rest of the team must attempt to define their new roles in the Central City Superhero landscape.

Danielle Panabaker has been “hot-ifying” her face as her character, Dr. Caitlyn Snow, attempts to move on from the loss of her one true love, danielle panabaker and she’ll most likely come to terms with her new life just in time for his triumphant return (didn’t we already do this storyline?). Word is (after this photo of Panabaker as iced up “Killer Frost” was released) killer frost that Caitlyn Snow will be joining the ranks of the superpowered players in Central City, although the juxtaposition of an ice powered Caitlyn and her fire-haired love, Robbie seems a bit too quaint. Her declaration of last episode, “Who would turn down the chance to become a superhero?” all but confirmed her eventual powering up, even if the photo hadn’t surfaced.

The addition of a new Firestorm (played by Franz Drameh) is a great idea, and will certainly develop into an awkward superpower standoff when the original Firestorm (or half of the original Firestorm) Ronnie returns (Robbie Amell). I mean, he “died” during the opening of reality that created a portal between worlds, a portal that the other Flash came through. It’s not rocket science (or even particle accelerator science) to figure out where Ronnie went.


The two CW shows are taking place in the same universe, and ever since the first Flash and Green Arrow team-up the two series have been dancing around each other, each growing in their own right. Now, with both casts swelling, the time is ripe for the coming spinoff. ‘Arrow’ just recently saw the arrival of a metahuman criminal with an infinite supply of tattooed biomatter playing cards he could throw with deadly accuracy, double downnot to mention the previously discussed “resurrection”. And ‘The Flash’ is barreling toward some kind of ultimate event after Cisco and Dr. Stein revealed that there isn’t just one tear in reality, but 52 of them. Sigh, I wonder where they got that totally random number.smh

I’ve never been more in on ‘Arrow’, every storyline is only gaining momentum on their own and even mirroring each other as they join forces for dramatic effect. Candice Patton (Iris West) has taken ‘The Flash’ on her back (or, more accurately, her smile) iris west and given us a character we are unambiguously rooting for no matter how frustrated we are in her terrible decisions of the heart. My only concern for the upcoming start of ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’: will I ever find the time to step outside my house? Or more importantly, will I ever want to?


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