Cancelled ‘Selfie’ Was Just Starting to Find Itself

Okay, I’ll admit it. No shame on WhatdoUwatch. I miss ‘Suburgatory’. Yet the more I watch ‘Selfie’ the more the freshman series about a woman obsessed with Twitter and her phone is beginning to fill that void. Creator Emily Kapnek’s hands on both projects most likely explain that fact, and I must give props to ABC for giving her another show to entrance our hearts.

selflie screen shot

Even though the show’s already been pulled from the TV airwaves, that fact has little to no effect on the rest of us. I mean, who watches shows on actual television channels anymore anyway? The rest of the episodes are still popping up on Hulu in normal order, although there are reportedly only two left to air, and I can’t rightly express my sadness at this fact. Yet another fantastic show bites the dust.


My love for ‘Selfie’ came soon after I discovered star Karen Gillan was also the blue chick (Nebula for those of us Marvel-ly inclined) from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. This fact is not lost on me, there’s something insanely hot about the way she laughs and acts ridiculous on TV but stared blankly and self-doubtingly at everything on the big screen (while wearing literal pounds of blue make-up).



Any loyal ‘Suburgatory’ fan remembers Tessa’s acoustic talent show debut of her estranged mom’s song (also the theme song of the show) that all of a sudden brought the entire series together and was the perfect precursor to Malin Akerman’s guest appearance as said mother.



If you saw episode 10 of ‘Selfie’, “Imperfect Harmony” you must have marveled at both Karen Gillan and John Cho’s karaoke performances. Below you’ll find Gillan’s “Chandelier” quite honestly reminds me of Anne Hathaway’s “I Dreamed A Dream” from 2012’s Les Miserables, and that is not a comparison I throw around lightly. The heartbreak that leads into the song is as important as the notes themselves. The reserved baring of the soul that Gillan puts through in less than a minute is to be admired, and should have guaranteed the ‘Selfie’ a second season on it’s own. As I mentioned, John Cho finishes the episode with his own a cappella performance of Cat Steven’s “Wild World”, but I wouldn’t dream of posting that, because you really should be in the emotional state of the end of the episode to truly appreciate it.



To be honest, I can’t figure out if I’m writing this as a protest to ‘Selfie’s cancellation, in memorial of it, or just out of denial that the show I’ve grown to love is going away. But I would like to send all the major networks a simple message: “if you don’t give viewers a chance to become invested, how can you continuously bitch about sub-poor ratings?”

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