Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

With ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ dropping into theaters any day now (May 1st to be exact) the days of pouring over the trailers frame by frame for any possible clue to plot, characters and endings are finally almost over (or is it just me that does such things?)


Time instead, now, to turn to the new trailer that rocked the nerd world to its core, that of ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’.

Sure, the title did give a little bit away right off the bat (pun intended), but now that we’ve gotten a peak at the gritty world in which this “confrontation” will take place, one thing’s for sure, Batman and Superman are going to beat the shit out of each other. However, if “Dawn of Justice” is placing this movie at the beginning of a Justice League franchise, it’s safe to say they eventually come to some kind of agreement when the film reaches its third hour conclusion.


While Amy Adams and the other rumored/announced JLA members were absent (this was a teaser after all), we did get to hear Holly Hunter, Jeremy Irons and Jesse Eisenberg, among other voices, discussing the two polarizing superheroes. There seems to be a bit of controversy among the people of Gotham/Metropolis (I assume the movie will take place in both cities) about the ethics involved in unsanctioned judicial activism.


With Jeremy Irons stepping in to play the role of Alfred, DC is moving past the Michael Caine days of the Nolan trilogy, although I may or may not have detected the presence of the Tumbler Batmobile, so not all is lost. The only line of dialogue that comes from the Dark Knight, thankfully, doesn’t come in the form of a bat-growl like what was the bane of many a movie goer during Christian Bale’s tenure as Batman. Instead, the line prophesizing that Superman will, indeed, bleed by the end of the film comes out of Batman’s Ironman suit (I mean, that is what it is, right?) and therefore is more of a mechanical whisper-growl this time around (what a game changer!)

batmansuitIronman suit

There’s really not much in this trailer to dig into. The soldiers kneeling at Superman’s feet were more tone setters than plot clues, if I had to guess I’d say those soldiers end up belonging to Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor or are bowing to Superman against the Man of Steel’s own wishes. As much as the teaser trailer would have you believe Superman becomes some sort of demigod dictator, it’s probably a misdirect. Superman and Batman, most likely, both dance around the hero villain line throughout the film, eventually uniting to take down Luthor and coming to some snarky agreement about teaming up for the good of mankind.

superman soldiers

As far as why the two most popular and heroic DC protagonists are being pitted against each other in this film, and most people desire a better answer than “because it makes for a great story”, Batman and Superman are both idealists, and have often held extremely different ideas on how to go about being a hero. It will be quite interesting to see how those different ideas turn into punches, batarangs and eye beams in 2016.


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