5 WWE Rules That Should Be Applied to All of Sports


Now, let’s not pretend the matches that have taken place in WWE over the last 30 years have adhered to a strict set of rules. But there are definite constants that remain true to pro wrestling’s core. I would posit that the rest of sports would only get better if they took on some of these additions to their own rule sets.



Every team has a coach pacing the sideline, yelling encouragement and constantly arguing on their behalf. It seems only natural they should attempt to affect the outcome of the game their players are in.



Heel Turns:

Few heels (aka “bad guys”) in wrestling have generated the “heat” (triple pun intended) that Lebron James generated when he turned his back on his own hometown, and like Hulk Hogan at the end of the NWO, all was forgiven four years later when he returned to the red and yellow. Come to think of it, this rule wouldn’t actually be anything new…

Lebron James heatLebron Jersey


Steroids Encouraged:

I think this one speaks for itself…

Mark McguireBarry BondsA-rod


Shit-talking Promos also Encouraged:

Many athletes have shown a not-so-subtle desire to walk off the playing field and straight into a seat at the broadcast table, and the NFL, at least, is embracing the pops their athletes get from one-liners and hurled insults.

JJ Watt quotekirk cousins


“Inadvertant” Nip Slips:

Something that has become frowned upon in the PG era of the WWE, the not-so-accidental nip slip was used most often in the lower rent independent scene like ECW. As sexist as it is, nothing boosts ratings and generates massive global Google searches like a nipple you weren’t supposed to see.

UFC Nip slip

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